Have you ever been hungry? I mean reallllly hungry.


Did you know that there are kids in our community that don’t have access to food at their home?


Unfortunately, this is a reality even in Milford.  Harvest Coffee is offering kids (through high school age) a free sandwich and piece of fruit anyday / everyday we are open.

If you as an individual or business or ministry feel led to support this program, contact us here or at 574-658-3066. We’d love to partner with you.


Harvest Coffee….Fresh Baked ….Fresh Ground….Always Good.

about us

Harvest Coffee has come about by a small group of friends who had a goal in mind- to serve exceptional coffee, tea and baked goods while also serving our community at the same time. As we started talking about the possibility of Harvest Coffee becoming a reality, it became abundantly clear that there was no way this was going to happen, that is, without the intervention of our Lord and Savior…Read More…


A menu is really more than a list of food and drinks. It’s an extension of who we are and what we feel is important enough to offer you, our patrons.  More importantly, the quality of the food and drinks on the menu speaks volumes about how important you are to us.   Read more…


Sometimes you just have to say (or write) what is on your mind. Read More…

Amazing Coffee and Other Drinks

We use the best locally roasted coffee in the area, match that up with our pure R.O. water to create some unbelievable caffeine filled treats. Check out our menu or better yet, come in and let us create the perfect drink for you!

Innovative Baked Goods

Tested in our own home kitchens and then baked right here at Harvest Coffee. We have exactly what you need for a mid-morning pick-me up to an early evening treat. Ask about our current sugar-free and gluten-free selection


We exists to help the community. If you know someone in need in anyway - let us know!. If you want to help - Let us know! We want to be a communication hub that puts people together1

Ministry Goals

We want to share the love of Christ with our community in tangible, real ways. Talk to any of us if you want to get involved in a Bible Study or a church...or you just want to know more about Jesus.